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2020 1oz Silver Tiger Proof Coins

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Fresh from the Komsco Mint in South Korea

Renowned for their Chiwoo Cheonwang series, the official South Korean Mint Komsco has launched the first in a new series depicting a tiger cub in front of famous South Korean Landmarks. This coin, introducing the new series, features the title Tiger Cub in Seoul, the Capital of South Korea. His paws are resting on the gate of Gyeongbokgung Palace. Gyeongbokgung Palace was first constructed in 1395 by the Joseon Dynasty, and served as the main royal palace/home of the Joseon Kings. To the right of the Tiger we see the Namsan Seoul Tower, the second highest point in Seoul. 

On the reverse, we see a depiction of the Korean Peninsula made up entirely of Hangul, the Korean alphabet. On the outer edges is a tiger print, further solidifying the overarching theme of the coins in this series.